Shopping information

How many sizes of bouquets do you have?
Our bouquets come in a few different sizes, namely : Mini, Small, Medium and Large.
The difference of sizes in each bouquet is stated in the product page of the bouquets. Prices vary to suit each budget. 
How long do your flowers last?
Typically, our flowers last between 3 – 7 days depending on how they are taken care of. We do recommend placing the flowers in a vase with water once you receive them. Changing the water on a daily basis and adding some sugar into the water will likely increase the lifespan of the flowers. Please avoid placing them under sunlight or heat. 
Can I walk-in to make a purchase without pre-ordering?
Yes, if we have the required stock for the bouquet of your choice. There will be a waiting period of 30 minutes to 1 hour to prepare the bouquet. 
No sender information?
In the event that the sender information is not displayed, it is likely that the sender wishes to be anonymous.  It is against our policy to reveal such information under this circumstance. The message attached with the bouquet is printed exactly as given by sender.
Why are the flowers received different from what we ordered?
There shouldn’t be major differences unless the flowers or fillers are not in season and the quality is not so great, which we will then replace with something similar. Besides that, the arrangements are all done by humans, so there may be slight differences here and there. 

Payment information

Can I cancel my order after payment?
Sorry, you will not be able to do that. 
I’ve encountered difficulties while trying to make payment.
Kindly contact us through e-mail or Facebook so that we may assist you further on this matter. 
What are the payment methods available?
Payment can be made via online banking, ATM banking, Credit Card payment, and PayPal. 
Is COD available?
Unfortunately, this option is unavailable at the moment. 
Can I pay upon pickup?
We require a small deposit to confirm your order. Balance is payable upon pickup. This option is however, only available to customers who place their orders manually via Facebook or phone. 
Can I order on the same day and get it on the same day?
Yes, we do same day delivery as long as your orders are placed before 12pm. If it is really urgent, contact us on Facebook and we will see what we can do for you. 
In that case, how about if I want to pick up the bouquet?
If you are able to pick up the order before 7.00pm (Jenjarom), it is possible. 

Pick-up information

What time can I drop by to collect my bouquet(s)? 
ShoranFlowers Jenjarom
Monday to Saturday : 10.00am to 7.00pm
Sunday : 11.00am to 7.00pm
What should I do before picking up?
You can contact us by providing your order number and your pick-up time so that we are aware of it. 

Shipping information

Can I track my order?
Yes, we will email you once the bouquet is sent, and delivered to the receiver’s side. We have yet to implement a GPS tracking system to track the exact whereabouts and ETA. 
What if the recipient is not around at the time of delivery?
We will call the sender to decide:- 
Option 1: 
For offices: receptionists (front desk) or guard house; or 
For home base orders: front door or guard house   
Option 2: Schedule a pick up on your own at our office (delivery fees will NOT BE refunded). 
We only attempt to deliver once and if there any failures to respond (ex. Calls unanswered), the arrangements are returned to Shoran Flowers Jenjarom whereby a notice will be sent informing the recipient/sender that the delivery attempts for these floral arrangement have failed and self pick up from Shoran Flowers is required. We will charge a flat rate of RM15.00 shall you require a SECOND DELIVERY ATTEMPT. 
What are you delivery areas?
Currently we only do deliveries within Klang Valley. We will keep you notified as we expand our delivery areas.

Can I request for a specific time for delivery?
At the moment we are unable to cater for any time specific requests. We try to complete all deliveries by 6pm. 
Delivery time frame?
Our delivery time is between 12pm – 6pm. 
Are there any delivery fees?
Yes, we charge a flat rate of RM15 as long as it is within the Klang Valley. 
I need to know the exact location of my order now?
Do give us a call or private message us on Facebook and we will try to assist you. 
Do you deliver on weekends and public holidays? 
Yes, we do unless stated.

Returning and Refunding information

I received wilted flowers, can I request for a replacement?
Drop us an e-mail at or leave us a message on Facebook with a picture of the flowers as soon as possible. We will look into it but do note that we do not guarantee a replacement.
Refusal to receiving bouquets?
We will not be responsible if the recipient refuses to accept the bouquet and refund for such cases will not be entertained. 
My flowers were never delivered?
Kindly give at least 24-48 hours to investigate the case and come up with a solution. 
Can I cancel my order after confirmation?
Please note that we are unable to process cancellations at the moment, however you may request for a change of delivery date before 12pm on the day of delivery. 

Customer Service Information

What are the platform options available to send in my inquiries?
Kindly forward your inquiries via Facebook Private Message, Email, Phone Call or our Website. 
Can I call in after business hours?
Unfortunately, our staffs will be off duty. However, you may try to contact us via Facebook and we will try to get back to you at the soonest. 


What is the difference between the basic and premium package?
The basic package includes  small to medium size bouquet whereas the premium package comes with a large sized bouquet. 
What are the subscription periods available? 
You may subscribe to a single month, 3 months or 12 months(whole year). 
How many bouquets are there in a month? 
Every month comes with 4 bouquets. 
Will I be able to pick my own delivery dates with different delivery locations? 
Yes, you can pick your own delivery dates and different delivery locations as long as its within the Klang Valley.